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Human quench

Then in a sudden moment,
I realize,
The human quench,
Is never satisfied,
“What next??”
This question always come up,
Till probably the spiritual awakening of the soul,
This is where the Islamic philosophy amazes me,
We are told, as children of Adam,
World is nothing but a test,
And we are just on a journey,
Why us??
The theological explanation is so long,
What I have understood in short is,
Lord loves us,
It seems as if lord loves us beyond human weakness,
He created us this way;
We believe in lord,
Without seeing him..,
We just know lord,
We just believe lord.
This ability is amazing right..?
I do feel Allah,
I have recieved immense help in moments of need,
Yet we forget, then we try again,
My quench, is to go be in the ocean I am a part of,
The present is indeed a gift.
Knowing lord is my quench,
Being a weak human being,
I realize,
Each moment is of realization,
The serinity he provides,
Indeed is a gift.
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Why speak up now..?.
Right, we all speak up;
When the limit of insanity around us reaches its peak.
To an extent, late reaction is an issue,
Till we do not find it in our circle, we don’t intervene,
Actually even when we do find it in our circle we don’t intervene, until it reaches our footstep;
The intervention, in an aspect to injustice, ought to be focused from the childhood,
So that we do not give an opportunity to grow up a human being who tend to loose humanity.
The reason I write about this today is because,
I am rather struck and shocked by the surrounding,
From the bias and prejudice,
From the unreasonable hatred,
Be it to a human, a race, a community, or a caste,
It is very evident from the news and social media,
In such a way that I can’t seem to believe that, the kind of hatred that exist, actually exist..!
The whole system is a mess,
Now all we can do I guess is;
Feed Love to our children?.
Teach them as to how they can defend a biased and prejudiced society,
and how they shouldn’t be biased and prejudiced.
It is high time for the focus on education, to be targeted to refocus on morale rather than information and speculation!!
Let’s please atleast try,
To refocus on the basics;
Try from where??
Try from home..!!
Preach and spread Love.
“When there is righteousness in the heart,
There is beauty in character,
When there is beauty in character,
There is harmony in home,
When there is harmony in home,
There is peace in the nation”
I have heard this from,
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
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Waving a Bye

I still remember the day I left India for the first time,
(of all the decisions, me and my brother made, this one still remains the best)
I was dressed up in an indian stone worked palazzo and top,
(Which I think, was a weird choice to get on a flight)
All my cousins, both my grandfathers, and a bunch of relatives were in the car to send us off,
Gladly good, two full cars; for sending off three people,
(Thinking of which, I am rich by relatives.. Ma sha Allah)
While in the car, one among my twin cousins told us, “you know what? If you are ever sad, just think of a comedy scene in a movie, like “punjabi house” you can laugh it off then, that’s what we do..”
(Kudos to my young cousins, who were in thier early teens, for learning a coping method, at such a young age).
The core of it is, all of us were a bit sad,
I did value my birth place, as for everyone, it was, and still is strangely familiar to me,
The road to Rajagiri still gives me chills,
Of all, the wonderful memories in the car we used to call “the parakum thalika”.
I would miss the soft sand of my mom’s home in the countryside,
Hearing all this, you must thinking,
What did she face, that she had faught alone, right?

At the very young age; the so called childhood,
She faced a biased and prejudiced society;
She faced a judgemental look,
Her thought while taught, was mistook for her lack of attention;
My first school gave me a lot of morals,
The plays, Jesus(pbuh), the chapel,
Literature, of all; the best is my bestie Riya, the umbrella we shared and her tolerance to my aloof self.

The school did give the core of everything in me, It gave me a secular and strong base, but the education system was always and always a flop, it was filled with opportunities for the best students,
Not for me, nor for any of us who were ordinary.
The rebel in me, still dared to dance on the stage and sing in the mike,
But my gut, always sensed the bias,
So in the corner of my heart,
I was just so glad, that I was leaving,
And trust me,
I achieved much better, both in academics and extracurricular, in my next school.
Till the end of my breath, the decision to leave India at that particular moment, will awlays remain the best.
So basically,
I kept aside all the dull and walked towards anew..!

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Sajda in the Sands

A thought in my moving bus Hofuf 1,
Now flickering to glow in my frontal lobe.. !
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Part 1
In sha Allah
Story to follow in future posts.
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Toxic Love

What is toxic love?
It can exist in any form of love right?
Pure love and toxicity have a thin line,
To know where to draw the line is a very confusing instance,
For a parent, for a lover or for any intensely loving person,
So the moment where you loose the control over your love;
Probably that is toxicity??
According to the philosophy of islam, what I have learned and understood is to love for the sake of Allah.. and that’s the best form of love.
Love, but for the sake of Allah,
That is where I wrote,
one of my favorite writeups:

You think of them as yours,
Neither is he yours,
Nor is she,
Companions you may call,
By blood, by flesh, by soul,
Linked to yours,
He will leave, so will she,
Only you are yours
Let’s not crush our own soul,
Live and let live,
With lot of love for the sake of Allah,
My soul for Allah,

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The language of love,
Involves heart;
The moment ego gets in,
Love gets hurt,
Let’s drip love,
Love can heal hearts,
Love can console,
Love can make beautiful humans 🙂
The only solution,
For every problem;
So let’s just,
Drip love..!
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Wandering thoughts.

The lamp that lit in her heart,
the oil it lights upon,
Is her undying passion;
It doesn’t lessen,
It spreads light and warmth,
The heat of it burns her,
Tear drops drip,
To turn it off;
Of her stubborn heart,
It is from her lord,
It enlightens her,
She awaits in patience,
The moment of return,
To her lord,
And from her lord…!
Drifting thoughts,
Struggling in famine,
Striving for basics,
World is in chaos,
Awaiting the justice,
The middle she is in,
Looks like a muddle,
One side is destruction,
The other side is deception!!
This girls head,
Filled in thoughts,
The wanderer she is,
Makes me sigh..!
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Messed up Ambivert

Everyone around me was either extroverted or introverted, the confused me who thought was both at a time,
was so messed up.
Then one fine day,
I found the word ambivert;
“Waah..” like tubelight it kicked me,
“I am an Ambivert”
“Yay” said my secretly satisfied personality, we have a word for our depiction,
Then I realized,
most of us ambiverts;
Are messed up in our head,
What we want today,
We may not want tomorrow,
Mood swings or whatever we call that,
Give us a cozy room, coffee and our bestie,
We talk endlessly on our favorite topics,
The moment a 3rd person enter,
We show the difficultly developed, socially awkward extroverted us,
The introvert in us love the snow flakes,
But the extroverted us want to jump around in the cherry blossom😊
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Sometimes what is fed, brews contamination, that is when we need sit down, have a conversation with our own self, find out the right opinion.
There maybe multiple opinions within ourselves, choosing the right one mostly is through heart; sometimes we need to keep aside what information is fed to us, and research and counter think so that, the compassion and empathy within ourselves may work, eventually of what, always ought to be clean is; the soul and heart within us, let’s embrace positivity 🙂
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